Working Capital

Supply Chain Finance meets reality: a multinational tells the true story

Using a digital supply chain finance platform is a big topic for many treasurers. Phillip Morris launched a new SCF programme in 2019. What were the goals, challenges and strategic thoughts? Phillip Morris shares its experience with the sophisticated, multinational, pan-European project.

28. November 2019, Session 6: 11.10-12.10 Uhr
Pawel Pietrucha
Director Treasury, Philip Morris Products S.A.

Pawel Pietrucha works for Operational Center Treasury department of Philip Morris and is involved in a number of B2B and B2C treasury projects. His career started in the Marriott Group. Afterwards he joined Philip Morris where he progressed through various positions. Until 2016, he was heading the Risk Management and Insurance team.

Eugenio Cavenaghi
Head of Trade, Export & Supply Chain Finance, Santander Germany

Eugenio Cavenaghi ist Managing Director bei Santander, wo er das Trade, Export & Supply Chain Finance Team für die D/A/CH Region leitet. Von seinem Sitz in Frankfurt koordiniert er alle Working Capital Projekte für die deutschen Firmenkunden der Bank weltweit. Santander ist die größte Bank der Eurozone und ein führender Transaction Banking Anbieter.

Dieser Roundtable wird auf Englisch stattfinden.

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